Hi, I am Katherine. I am a new/returned Christian with autism spectrum disorder living in Scotland. I am in my mid 30’s, and was diagnosed at 30. I have been an on and off again Christian all my life. Over the last several years I was functionally an atheist, but through study, reason, and the call of God I am now convinced Christianity is true in a way I never was before. I am now exploring the various beliefs and traditions within Christianity looking for evidence for what is the truth.

When I was still trying to determine whether God exists and then which religion is true, I tried to find out about belief and autism. There was very little information available except articles saying that autistic people are unlikely to believe in God and, far worse, that they can’t relate to God. This has made me at various times sad, angry, and even doubt myself. It was worst when it was respected Christians saying this.

My motivation for writing this blog is to provide the information I wanted to read a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find. I also want to offer the perspective of being autistic and both believing in, and being in relationship with God. This post gives more detail about my aims.

I will publish a new post once a month, with possible random extras in between.

I wrote this article for Premier describing my experiences of church and suggesting ways for churches to be more inclusive for people with autism spectrum disorder and specific learning differences. There is a more comprehensive article about accessibility and inclusivity here.